Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Move Away from Stepford.

I will admit I have been very neglectful of my blog, I have been very busy recently but essentially it's down to the fact I have a short attention span and an awful memory but lets gloss over this and just welcome me back with gusto.

As I mentioned I have been very busy, this is largely due to the fact that we have moved house and not in the normal moving a few roads away house move, no, we moved two counties away and into the countryside. In doing so I have unearthed a whole new me... I am, and say this unbelievably with pride, a housewife! Those of you who have read My blog before will know I have been a stay at home mum since Toddler B was born (I can't hold onto her baby stage any longer, she is fully fledged toddler now) but I have never partook in any household activity such as cleaning or cooking, I was the epitome of the undomesticated goddess but since moving to the country and into my quaint little cottage I am a changed woman, not only in the fact I have sprouted a few more grey hairs and turned 27, but I have made myself a 'cleaning timetable' (ok the pride slightly dwindles when I admit I have a cleaning timetable...) I allocate times of the day to cleaning, I have tea ready for Mr B when he gets home from work, I get annoyed when I see dust and I have made Toddler B learn the 'put away' game, ok so this is a game I obviously made up to get her to put her toys away but it works.

Aside from me being a move away from the village of Stepford, my little bundle of joy has also changed. She is now, as mentioned briefly, a toddler and comes complete with sound effects, tantrums and cheekiness. On one hand I absolutely adore seeing her develop a sense of humour and honing her communication skills yet on the other hand when she is demonstrating her communication skill in the form of a high pitched scream similar to that of a chimpanzee in pain and accompanying it with hitting and biting I could quite happily return to Ormskirk Hospital, Ward 5 and ask for a refund.

So anyway, this is where we are up to in our lives. I am now 27 (I can see that big 3-0 looming in the not so distant future now) and a country bumpkin housewife and Toddler b is 17 months and a handful, if my hands were the size of the lovable BFG's that is and I promise I will make a very concerned effort to let my attention wane and to continue with these posts.

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