Saturday, 27 March 2010

I'm sure it's called the "Terrible Twos"

I'm sure I've heard it called the "terrible twos" so why when Boddler B is just 13 months old am I finding myself having to deal with monumental tantrums of Nikki Grahame proportions? (yes I do mean the ex-Big Brother contestant and yes I am aware I need my references bringing up to date)

I wouldn't be too phased if the strops where for a reason that, well, required a bit of an attitude but when it happens because I've taken a spoon off her or taken too long to button up her pyjamas I can almost pull my own hair out. I can see the tantrum approaching like a tornado, first the bottom lip begins to quiver, the hands come up to the head and then the loud ear-piercing scream is sounded once this initial bit has happened it can evolve into anything from just a lot of shouting and crying to a full on roll around the floor, foot stamping, attempting to hit me (but nearly always missing...) and basically throwing herself into any object that may be in her way. To be honest I sometimes watch these displays of bratish behaviour and think she should be on stage as she clearly has an aptitude for the dramatic arts, other times I sit and think is it just me that has a child like this? I am at a bit of loss of how to deal with these moments to though, she is too young for the naughty step or to listen to reasoning but I feel like I shouldn't really just ignore her either maybe I'll write to Jo Frost and ask her to pop round with her Supernanny skills one afternoon.

I think I should be able to sue someone for trade descriptions or something for calling it the "terrible two's" because I wasn't prepared for it this early or maybe once she hits two she will become worse and this is nothing! If this is the case I'm going to seriously consider finding a boarding nursery for Boddler B next year...

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  1. haha, oh dear it looks like you have your hands full! my little girl is just over 3 months and she is so impatient! she just shouts at us if something isn't done quickly enough :P Though I can only imagine she will be like this in future months. I hope you get things sorted! My Aunt just used to ignore my little cousin when she did things like this and she noticed she wasn't getting any attention no matter what she did so there was no point any more :)
    My aunt is constantly telling me that the mummy is the boss and mummy will go at her own pace and the child will have to learn patience! Not sure how that will pan out but we shall see! xx