Thursday, 18 March 2010

The next one...

When is the best time to have baby number two? Now that I’ve survived my first year as a mum without too much scarring I’ve been thinking about the “next one” and when would I want it to arrive?

I don’t think I could cope emotionally or financially with another one just yet but then again I don’t want Boddler B to be heading off to university when I decide it’s time for a new addition either. I have friends who have a variety of age gaps in-between their precious bundles varying from 1 year to 7 years and all of them have good and bad things to say about their gaps so what is best? I think I would prefer to have 3-4 years between Boddler B and any new baby, this way I can train her to fetch and carry anything I need and surely by 4 she will be fully capable of babysitting…. However since I was very lucky to fall pregnant in the first instance maybe I shouldn’t even think about another baby and just let fate take its course as it did first time round. If I was to have another baby next year would I really want double the amount of nappies to change and not to mention buy and in the same breath I think if I waited another 3 or 4 years would I want to start all over again with night feeding, colic and ice cube trays?

In my mind I have always thought I wanted two children and I think this is still true, maybe just maybe if I win the lottery I would possibly want a third, but otherwise two is the ideal number for me. The gender of the children has never really been a issue so if I had another girl I wouldn’t ‘try again’ to get a boy I would just celebrate having very pink palace.

I’m sure some university of whatsnots of come up with a wonderful scientific theory on the ‘perfect gap’ but I’m not even gracing their nonsensical studies with a Google search, whenever I have the pleasure of having that next wonderful little person I’m sure I will think it’s the perfect time.

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