Saturday, 20 February 2010

I made that!

Do you ever have a moment when you suddenly feel like a mum. I know I am a mum but occasionally I have 'Mummy moments' where it hits me that I actually am a real proper mum an not just filling in for someone Today, for instance, Baby B (who incidentally shall now be renamed Boddler B as she's fast becoming a little lady) and I where walking up to our house from the road and instead of being in my arms as usual she was walking, yes actual walking, holding my hand and I had a flash of pride and an overwhelming feeling of being a mummy. Please tell me you know what I mean? that when you do those little things that only mum's do like lick your finger to wipe snot and banana off their faces (I think I'm becoming my own mum!), or hold their hands while they walk that you get a nice warm feeling just knowing that you made them.

With Boddler B being a big one year old now I'm starting to see my, erm, wisdom transferring onto her. When I hear her little voice trying to say a new word or see her pure concentration when she tries to take another step or when I ask her where her nose is and she actually shows me I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and I'll admit I may shed a tear or two. I am her mum and I taught her those things, gosh I'm clever. Before I had Boddler B the best thing I ever made was quite frankly a mess and now I have made this little perfect being who knows where her head and nose are, I am clearly destined for great things if I can achieve this. Sometimes when we're in a supermarket and I see a kind old lady smile at her while squeezing the potatoes in the veg aisle, by the way why do people squeeze potatoes, aren't they just always hard?, I want to shout "I made that....see that gorgeous perfect girl you're smiling at, I made her, yes me!" and to be honest I wouldn't surprise myself If I actually did say it one day....

However, while I am busy singing my own praises for being the most amazing mother that ever lived (did you not see that Boddler B knows where her nose is?) I realised that she is busy teaching me, as one of my favourite quotes goes "while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" and never a truer word is spoken.

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