Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I need a lawn mower.

I'm sure there was a time when I looked sexy? maybe I'm disillusioned and peering through those rose tinted spectacles that hang around my neck like a noose but I'm pretty sure that in the not so distant past I looked, well, sexy.

I fear this time has gone and is never to return. I have just glanced at myself in the mirror and this is what I see: I'm wearing one of Mr B's football shirts which has a nice splattering of yoghurt over the front and a wonderful addition of slobber just above my left boob, the top is teamed with some very fetching and super comfortable chef trousers (also Mr B's) which have a nice patch of wee on the right leg that Baby B kindly left before going to bed. My hair is in need of a wash, I have no make up on and my legs need an industrial lawn mower on them. Isn't Mr B going to feel like a lucky man when he gets in!

I will admit I don't always look quite this slovenly, I do generally get dressed in my clothes, wash but maybe not brush my hair and have a small amount of make up on but I never look sexy anymore. I much prefer over sized cotton knickers to teeny tiny lacy thongs and rather than slipping into silky nighties, I'm much happier pulling on a mismatched pair of snuggly pj's and this made me wonder, is this a mum thing, an age thing or just a lazy cow thing?

Do other women (god I wish I could write 'girls' instead) look such a mess when they are sat at home or is it just me? Do some mum's sit at home in tight fitting jeans with perfect hair while filing their nails or is this only on Desperate Housewives? I'm sure I could get up an hour earlier each day and spend it shaving my legs, trowling on the make up and straightening my unruly hair so its unrecognisable to its natural state but if I'm truly honest I don't think I'm really bothered what I look like at home, Baby B couldn't care less if mummy is sexy and I know for certain Mr B prefers it when I wear a football shirt.. only he would prefer me to leave the pants off.

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