Saturday, 17 July 2010

It's Frowned Upon...

On my way to the shop today I overheard a mum gossiping to her friend about how their mutual friend was raising her child 'completely wrong' they were 'discussing' (read bitching) how she doesn't do anything by the book with her baby and at first it made me feel a bit guilty because they could genuinely have been talking about me but then it made me think that I've done a fair few things that are frowned upon by the professionals and it doesn't seem to have caused Toddler B any harm so I decided to list them in the hope it makes you feel better for any 'awful' things you have done:

  • I Didn't breastfeed her
  • I Moved her into her own bedroom at 15 weeks and we didn't use a baby monitor. I lay awake all night long trying to listen to the gentle sound of her breathing from across the hall which I couldn't hear so then I would get up and down to check on her all night.*
  • Weaned her before 6 months which means her digestive system will probably fail her by the time she is 5.**
  • Allowed her to co-sleep because quite frankly we were too tired to fight with her and I like cuddles.
  • Allowed her to fall asleep on me. I presume she will now not be able to self settle until she is married and then she will need to sit on her husbands knee and have her hair stroked before she can nod off.***
  • We bought a forward facing strolling when she was 4 months old so obviously she will be years behind in her social development as a result.****
  • I picked her up when she was crying. Now she cried whenever she needs my attention.*****

I understand that some of you may read this and be truly horrified at what an awful mother I am but I also know that many of you will read it and feel a whole lot better that you are not the only one....

And for those who didn't get the sarcastic tone of my admissions:

*I slept perfectly fine as did she

** her digestive system is in perfect order

*** she goes to bed of her own accord at 6pm every night and sleeps for 13 hours or more.

**** her social development is not hindered at all. She is a lovely average 17 month old.

***** If she cries for my attention she does not get it so she stops and watches Cbeebies instead.

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