Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lets Just Book It....

I fear my blog may take a slightly different course in the coming months because my lovely boyfriend, Mr B, is soon(ish) to be my HUSBAND! Yes, we have decided to stop living in sin and become man and wife so the wedding is booked for 2012... I did say it was soonish.

You may ask what wonderfully romantic or inventive way I was proposed to, were there candles, flowers and music? was he on bended knee? did he hire aeroplanes to write his message across the sky? well the answer is no, instead of the traditional methods of proposing Mr B opted for the far more unusual approach of saying, and I quote:

"I don't really see the point in asking you because I know you'll say yes so lets just book it"

and as I am a fairly low maintenance lass I agreed and we did just that.

From the moment we booked the wedding I have been Internet window shopping for dresses, table centres & cakes, I have joined wedding forums and discovered I now need an ice sculpture, a magician, edible rose petals and some pre-wedding boudoir photographs to tantalise my husband to be. My initial ideas of a low key intimate ceremony followed by a nice dinner are quickly evaporating into thin air as I read descriptions of £20,000 extravaganzas involving hundreds of guests and designer dresses. My 'ideas' list grows everyday as I 'Google' images of elaborate wedding cakes and favours. The fact we have set ourselves a budget of around £2,500 for the whole thing does not enter my head as I drool over some Christian Louboutin diamond encrusted wedding shoes to go underneath my custom made Oscar De La Renta gown....

But once I have wiped away the eager trail of saliva from my laptop screen I remember that it makes no difference if our wedding costs £200 or £20,000, if we have diy invites instead of luxurious hand woven 18ct gold leaf invites (I wonder if you get these?) because what matters to me is that I have my closest family and friends at my side to see me become Mrs B because this is all I actually want.

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