Thursday, 3 February 2011

Such a Doddle?

Toddler B is very nearly 2 years old, in eleven days to be exact, which the clever people amongst us will have worked out is also Valentines Day and the only real 'baby' bit left of her now is her nappies, so I decided we would begin to test the water with potty training....

Day one went quite well. I removed the nappy for hour or so and we had no mess whatsoever, wonderful, I thought, this is easy. Onto Day two, I decided to up the ante and went for a good 3 hours of nappyless time, again it was going good; she kept rushing to her potty when required and I made an idiot of myself jumping, clapping, cheering and offering biscuits to my daughter for, well to be blunt about it, for doing a wee! I have no idea why people make such a fuss over potty training it seemed to be such a doddle.

Now we come to day three; the nappy was removed which she seemed confused about as she proceeded to lie on the floor and attempt to put it back on, which although maybe slightly cruel, I found rather amusing. After several minutes she realised she wasn't quite skilled enough to secure her own nappy in place so she trotted off to play with her toys. I acted like an annoying little fly and kept buzzing round her asking if she needed her potty and looking for any wet patches to appear on the carpet until I got the glare from her followed by "no mama, go" that was me told, so I settled myself down to watch a bit of TV while she played near my feet with her cars. A few minutes passed by when I heard "uh oh I stink" come from my darling daughter's mouth and lo and behold underneath her bottom and all over her socks was a nice little pile of poo. Excellent. She got upset because she was embarrassed and I was trying to remain calm while picking up the offending item with baby wipes and spraying Vanish carpet cleaner all over the floor. Her nappy was swiftly replaced and she gave a smug little smile, knowing she had won this one and toddled back off to her cars. Who on earth claimed this was going to be a breeze?

So I decided potty training is back on hold which, if I'm honest, I'm quite happy about, it means I can pretend I still have a baby for awhile longer and that is fine with me!

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