Sunday, 20 September 2009

Before I was a mum...

I would never have called myself a 'baby person', I didn't know too much about them and I hadn't really been around many of them. I have 2 nephews (aged 2 and 18 months) but I lived 90 mins away from them both when they where born and that was pretty much my experience of babies. so before I had a baby of my own the only points of reference I had of babies were hearsay (not the popstars group that featured Mylene, Kim and co because they would have just told me it was pure & simple), sitcoms, Jeremy Kyle and Trisha, which I now know are not completely true. Here is what I now know:

  • It is possible to have a baby that sleeps and therefore you are able to sleep, I know not all babies do but mine does and so do several of my friends little ones. It is NOT that unusual.
  • Trisha told me I'd loose it but I still have a sex drive, Me & Mr B still have amazing sex (obviously not in front of the baby, because that may cause issues for her in later life!) we maybe don't have wild afternoon relations anymore but once our little madam is in bed there is no stopping us, we sometimes even do it in the front room...
  • The mums that are in washing powder adverts (and other adverts for that matter) do not exist and if they do they should be banished to a town called Stepford. I do not or will not ever wear the clothes they wear or speak the way they do. I do not discuss washing machine temperatures or swap 'supper recipes' (We eat dinner or tea, we do not, no matter what the time is, eat supper) I do not wear blouses that my daughter will ruin with my lipstick and if my child tells me they want to go to Paul's house to poo I will tell them not to be such a spoilt brat.
  • It is possible to get dressed and put make up on everyday if you wish.
  • Looking after a baby all day can be exhausting but it's not as hard as some people say (but we don't want them to know we spend a lot of time watching This Morning and faffing on Facebook while drinking tea) most days its actually very enjoyable
  • I have never had to change 10 dirty nappies a day (although I must point out this source of information did come from watching Friends, so maybe it wasn't the most reliable...)
  • I miss my bump. Never in my entire pregnancy did I think I would miss it but I do.
  • No matter how much your baby cries, misbehaves, wakes you up, is sick on your new shoes, although this one could be the hardest to overcome, you will still love them and when they have just emptied the entire contents of their changing bag, which is now your handbag, all over the floor for the tenth time that day, as soon as they smile, your heart will melt and you will no longer be mad, however I'm sure this only lasts till they are about 2.
  • Routine is important but if you are an hour late for a feed or your little one misses a nap, you will both be fine and your child will not grow up to be ASBO as a result.
  • Labour is not easy but neither is it unbearably the worst pain on earth, and trust me my labour was a not a quick straightforward one!

so this is what I now know and I learn more everyday, I don't think I'll ever know it all but then I don't think I'd ever want to!


  1. Loving the blog! And it looks like I will be first to leave a comment! Found this entry the most enjoyable .... agree on ALL points, my child sleeps through, sex drive a bit low (due to all kind of circumstances, lol, need to get back to it asap!), I hate those bloody adds, seeing how I go out every day and CANT leave house with no make up, it goes ON every day :D, I think I alternate between This Morning and downlodables on net ;), never been 10 nappies either, I am cravinga bump despirately, my boy can be a right monkey but he is just too cute, though I do have a routine it has never stopped me from doing whatever I want with my days!, even during my quite difficult labour I knew I d be able to do it again!

    Congrats on your blog, have subscribed! Fun read, wish I was that good with words!

    Good luck, cheerio to family!


  2. Thank you so much for your comments, glad you are enjoying it! please keep commenting on things you do/don't like, I'm not easily offended.

    Hope I'll keep you entertained in future.